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Royce Associates receives freight discounts with incumbent

ERA industry experts identify discounts and improve processes for savings of 31%

Savings Category: Freight
Industries: Manufacturing

Royce Associates is an established chemical and dye manufacturer serving an international market from five production facilities, including three in New Jersey. Given the current economy, expense reduction is playing an increasingly important role in fulfilling the company’s commitment to invest in the latest technology.

Consultants compare bids to benchmark data for pricing, volume and service

Industry experts with Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) analyzed the manufacturer’s air and ground transpor-tation expenses for its three New Jersey facilities. Ground shipments account for nearly half of the transportation expenses, while next-day air makes up nearly a third of the shipping costs.

Consultants solicited bids and compared proposals to ERA benchmark data for pricing, volume and service. They recommended Royce Associates consolidate shipments with a single incumbent carrier for greater discounts.

ERA industry experts also recommended the client use automated shipping tools for further savings.

“ERA identified significant savings while preserving the excellent service we have enjoyed with our incumbent suppliers.”
Terry Scheirer, Controller, Royce Associates

Client Manager

Dan McHugh
Dan McHugh has more than 15 years of corporate finance experience. He specialized in financial analysis, forecasting, mergers and acquisitions, and strategy formulation with Fortune 500 companies,...

Project Team Leader

Sonia Gamache
Sonia Gamache has been a business and finance professional for more than 20 years and was Director of Finance for CP Ships (now Hapag Lloyd), a multinational shipping company. Her other professional...

Summary of Savings

Freight31% (Client ROI = $4,300/hour)